Sunday, September 23, 2018

QuoteThe Saskatchewan Forage Network was created with the mission ‘to facilitate a collaborative approach to research, technology transfer and industry development for all forage and livestock industry stakeholders in Saskatchewan through efforts which complement and expand the current activities and resources at work within the province and across Canada’.


Through the leadership of the Network Coordinator and participation of the organizations who have committed to this initiative a number of significant outcomes and successes have been accomplished:

  • creation and delivery of the Saskatchewan Forage Network Graduate Student Awards providing industry financial support to post-secondary graduate students. To date awards totaling $129,000 have been awarded for delivery of projects into 2016/17 – See more details for a complete listing of projects.

  • dedicated leadership and targeted emphasis on the need for increased forage research capacity and infrastructure

  • the Network played a critical role in providing industry leadership resulting in the June 2013 announcement of the Saskatchewan Agriculture funded Strategic Research Program (SRP) Forage Breeding Chair at the University of Saskatchewan.


An update from the Saskatchewan Forage Network - ‘the value in creating conversations’

Entering the third and final year of the current funding cycle, the Saskatchewan Forage Network provides the following update on activities and accomplishments to date. In addition an emphasis is placed upon the future as the Network strives to maintain and expand these collaborative industry actions.

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Comments, questions and feedback are always welcome. Feel free to contact the SK Forage Network Coordinator:

Janice Bruynooghe, MSc PAg
p 306.867.8126

Network Steering Committee members include:


Native Plant Society of SK
Chet Neufeld


SK Bison Association
Les Kroeger, Committee Chair


SK Cattlemen’s Association
Michael Spratt

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SK Forage Council
Aaron Ivey & Leanna Rousell


SK Forage Seed Development Commission
David Maxwell & Ray McVicar

Sk Alfalfa Seed Producers

SK Leafcutters Association/
SK Alfalfa Seed Producers Association

Andrew Lindsay-Hawkins

SK Prairie Conservation

SK Prairie Conservation Action Plan
Orin Balas

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SK Sheep Development Board
Arlette Seib

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association

SK Stock Growers Association
 Henry McCarthy & Chad MacPherson 


Jack Ford